Tips For Selecting the Right Editing Service

Having a document or report edited is something everyone needs to have done at least once. An editing service can be a tremendous help in polishing the work of a beginner or being an unbiased second set of eyes for the professional writer.

It is nearly impossible to be completely objective when revising your own manuscript or college essay so there is no need to feel ashamed at hiring an editing service. However, if you go through all the trouble and expense of hiring an editor, you certainly don’t want to end up with a poor quality paper because of unprofessional service.

To help you get it right the first time around, essay writing service reddit consider using this checklist when deciding to hire an editing and proofreading service:

Writing Experience

Professional editors were writers at one time. When considering an editor, find out about the editor’s background and determine his capabilities. Ask for a sample of the editor’s work. An editor who is willing to provide you with a free sample edit is a no-risk way for you to determine if the editor is qualified to do the task.

Editing Experience

A good editor will have sufficient experience working as a professional editor in addition to writing experience. Asking for before and after samples of his work is one way to gauge his abilities. Asking for references is also a good idea.


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